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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 11/25/17

A Shohei Ohtani signing could affect the Yankees re-signing CC Sabathia; a look at why so many teams want Ohtani; Jeter potentially lets go of Fox Sports Florida broadcasters

Japan v Mexico - International Friendly
I shall use this bat to vanquish my foes.
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New York Post | George A. King III: Shohei Ohtani. The Yankees want him. We want the Yankees to have him. Brian Cashman should get him. If the Yankees do acquire him, would they have too much starting pitching? Most people will tell you that you can never have too much starting pitching. With Masahiro Tanaka staying with the Yankees, Luis Severino being fantastic, Jordan Montgomery having a pretty decent rookie year, and Sonny Gray still hoping for run support, one wonders if the Yankees will bring back CC Sabathia. Sabathia has made it known that he still wants to pitch and he still wants to be a Yankee. Whether or not the Yankees do re-sign CC could depend on whether or not they get Ohtani. Only time will tell.

Fangraphs | Jeff Sullivan: We’ve been talking about Shohei Ohtani a lot. You know, because we want him. A lot of teams want him. Why do they want him so much? Jeff Sullivan of Jeff Sullivan fame writes about that very subject. As Jeff so Sullivanly puts, it’s not just the talent but rather the cost of said talent being very little. Whether or not that pitching and/or hitting talent translates over to the MLB is offset by the fact that it’s pretty cheap to find out.

New York Daily News | Zachary Ripple: On Wednesday, former Yankee SS legend and Player’s Tribune founder Derek Jeter continued his revenge for the 2003 World Series loss. Fox Sports Florida announced that they let go of play-by-play broadcaster Rich Waltz and analysts Jeff Conine and Preston Wilson. Does this have anything to do with the Yankees? Nooooope. Am I desperate for news in the offseason? Yeeeeep.