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Thanksgiving Open Thread

I’d be very thankful for an Ohtani, Cashman.

Turkeys Raised On California Farm Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Happy Thanksgiving, Pinstripe Alley! The entire staff and I hope that you and your loved ones have a fantastic holiday. Enjoy all of your turkey, stuffing, pie, and ensuing naps.

We’re very thankful for you as readers. Your presence here makes Pinstripe Alley great, and we appreciate all of your comments and feedback.

Feel free to use this as an open thread for the day, whether you’re waiting on food to be ready or dodging uncomfortable conversations with your weird uncle.


  1. What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?
  2. Least favorite?
  3. Thanksgiving dessert of choice?
  4. Cranberry sauce: Yes or no?
  5. Do you host Thanksgiving or go somewhere else?