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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 11/23/17

Scouts say that there’s a very good chance Shohei Ohtani comes to the Yankees; major leagues nominate David Robertson for Marvin Miller Man of the Year award; Marlins ask for more investments

Japan v Netherlands - International Friendly
Get it done, Cash!
Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images

New York Post | George A. King III: Happy Thanksgiving, Pinstripe Alley. If you’re giving thanks this year, perhaps throw some towards Brian Cashman. Maybe you’re waiting for Cashman to sign Shohei Ohtani before you thank him. If you are, good news. According to this article, scouts are saying that the Yankees are the favorites to land the “Babe Ruth of Japan” this offseason. With the MLBPA and NPB agreeing on a new posting system, we now play the waiting game. | Bryan Hoch: Fellow link dumper Kunj Shah is sure to be giving thanks to Brian Cashman this year for bringing David Robertson back to the Bronx. D-Rob’s High Socks for Hope charity has been helping victims of the hurricanes that hit Florida and Texas. Fellow players have nominated him for the Marvin Miller Man of the Year award. As always, you should give this one a read.

FanRag | Jon Heyman: Project Citrus. What is it? Perhaps a new plan to increase the potency of Orange Juice while reducing the sugar quantity? In actuality, it’s a now not-so-secret plan by Jeter and friends to invest more money into the Miami Marlins. Personally, I think the former description is more exciting. Anyway, it seems that the new Marlins ownership is going swimmingly.