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Pinstripe Alley MLB Free Agent Predictions

The PSA staff tries to predict where this year’s free agent class will sign.

Japan v Mexico - WBSC Premier 12 Third Place Playoff Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images

With the MLB offseason in full swing, free agents will be finding out where they will spend 2018 and beyond in the coming weeks. This year’s class doesn’t feature the star power usually associated with this time of year, but there are still some interesting players on the market for teams to add.

I asked the Pinstripe Alley staff to predict where a number of free agents would end up signing. Here’s what they had to say:

The closest thing to a unanimous response came in regards to CC Sabathia. An overwhelming majority of the staff believes that CC will be back with the Yankees in 2018 with just two writers believing otherwise. PSA writers also overwhelmingly believe that Todd Frazier will switch boroughs this offseason and sign with the Mets this offseason.

Shohei Ohtani is an interesting case, because finalization of his posting is not even yet guaranteed. Most people seem to believe it will get done, but there were hang ups occurring even earlier today. The deadline is rapidly approaching. While it’s possible that nothing is settled and Ohtani remains in Japan for another year, the safe bet is that he’ll be signing with an MLB team this offseason. The very unbiased PSA staff believes he’ll be a Yankee.

Unfortunately, a huge chunk of the PSA writers believe that J.D. Martinez will suit up for the Red Sox next year. Martinez had a huge year in 2017, and having him hit bombs for Boston sounds terrible. Hopefully the staff is wrong on this one.

Who will the Yankees sign this offseason? Will Ohtani make his way to MLB? Feel free to leave your own predictions, or critiques of ours, in the comments below.