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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 11/18/17

Aaron Boone interviews for manager’s position; a look at the Yankees’ outlook for the offseason; Yankees interested in Jurickson Profar; spring training schedule released

Boone celebrates game winning home run
This photo alone is reason enough to hire Aaron Boone for the manager’s position
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images | Jamal Collier: Remember that time Aaron Boone hit that home run off the Red Sox in 2003 that sent the Yankees to the playoffs? Now we can possibly relive that moment whenever a pitching change is made or an umpire needs a stern reminder of how bad he is at his job. Boone has officially interviewed for the manager’s position, becoming the fourth candidate to do so. Boone comes from the ESPN broadcast booneth, bringing both analytical knowledge and zero managerial experience with him. Hal has mentioned he’d like someone with experience, but maybe Boone wowed Cashman with tales of his heroic ALCS moment. Who knows?

MLBTradeRumors | Steve Adams: This article takes a look at what the Yankees’ outlook for the offseason. The short version is that it’s good. Really good. The long version is in the article you should have clicked on by now. It gives a substantial look at the Yankees’ free agents, their players with guaranteed contracts, and their arbitration-eligible players. Definitely worth giving a read and bookmarking for future zany offseason trade ideas.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: Speaking of zany offseason trade ideas, the Yankees are apparently interested in Texas Rangers’ prospect Jurickson Profar. Yes, the very same Jurickson Profar you’re thinking of. Why are the Yankees interested in him when they’re not exactly hurting for infielders? I don’t know, go ask Brian Cashman. Snide aside, the main reason deals with the Rule 5 draft coming up soon. The Rangers are interested in the plethora of Yankees’ pitching and the Yankees might simply be looking for a Ronald Torreyes upgrade with more of an upside.

Newsday: It’s the time of the offseason when we begin counting down to the first day that pitchers and catchers report. Well, we now we know the Yankees’ spring training schedule. Pitchers and catchers will report on Tuesday, February 13th. Sigh. So far away. Click this link to find out the full schedule.