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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 11/14/17

AL Rookie of the Year Aaron Judge officially wins AL Rookie of the Year award; former Yankee Carlos Beltran announces his retirement; former Yankee Carlos Beltran is interested in managing the Yankees; Brian Cashman knows of Beltran’s interest; Aaron Boone and Hensley Meulens are the next interview candidates

League Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Four
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images | David Adler: The main story of today’s dump is probably not AL Rookie of the Year winner Aaron Judge officially winning the AL Rookie of the Year award. It’s the one we’re leading off with because Aaron Judge won the Rookie of the Year award and Aaron Judge is adorable and the best. Yes, shockingly, Aaron Judge unanimously won the AL Rookie of the Year award. It was a real mystery up to the end there. An enigmatic tale of twists and turns if I’ve ever seen one. Now we wait to see if Aaron Judge wins the AL MVP award. It will be announced Thursday. For right now, let’s watch Judge’s parents be very proud of their large adult son.

The Player’s Tribune | Carlos Beltran: The main story of today’s dump is that former Yankee right fielder Carlos Beltran announced his retirement today. In his announcement, the 40-year old outfielder talks about special moments throughout his career, from his first All-Star Game talking with Barry Bonds to his final season and his first World Series ring with the Astros. It is quite the amazing read. What an incredible career. Why is this the main story today? More on that later... | Mark Feinsand: ...and by later, I mean right now. Carlos Beltran’s playing career has come to a close. That doesn’t mean that he is done with baseball. Beltran has mentioned that he would like to manage a ballclub one day. Well it just so happens that the Yankees are in the market for a new manager. Beltran was asked about the opportunity and he did not say he wasn’t interested. In fact, he could very well be open to it, if given a chance. Only Brian Cashman knows what Brian Cashman is looking for, but Beltran’s previous relationship with the young players while in the Bronx is a definite bonus.

Good start. We shall see. | Andrew Marchand: Furthermore, Cashman did not rule out the possibility as well. Apparently the two of them have kept in contact over the past few weeks. Cash was not surprised by Beltran’s decision to retire and he knows of Beltran’s desire to manage. Interviews for managers will continue after the GM Meetings currently underway. The plot thickens.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: While that plot is slowly thickening, Joel Sherman of the NY Post reports that the Yankees have two former Yankees among the next round of candidates; Aaron Boone and Hensley Meulens. You might remember the first candidate from his time in the ESPN booth. I certainly cannot think of anything else he’s famous for in the annals of Yankee lore.

Hensley Meulens, also known as “Bam-Bam,” played for the Yankees from 89-93. These were, um, not the best of times in the Bronx. Bam-Bam, a nickname that automatically qualifies him for the position, was recently named the San Francisco Giants’ bench coach, has managed the Curacao team in the WBC and the Venezuelan team for Winter Ball, speaks five languages, and has close ties to current Yankee SS and all around best human being Sir Didi Gregorius. You know, Manager Bam-Bam has a nice ring to it.

SBNation | Grant Brisbee: Finally, SBNation amazo-scribe Grant Brisbee talks about the career of Carlos Beltran. There’s nothing I could really say to do this post justice. You should read it. That is all.