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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 11/10/17

Judge and Sanchez win Silver Sluggers; Yankees to try earlier start times next season; Thomson focused on his communication skills in interview; Boone is also a candidate for manager job

MLB: New York Yankees at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports | Bryan Hoch: All rose and the Kraken was released for the Yankees in 2017. Young Yankee (rather, Youngkee! Right, Greg?) stars Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez officially won their first Silver Slugger awards. For Judge especially, it comes as no surprise that he won his after slugging 52 home runs for a rookie record and Sanchez hit 33 himself to set the mark for most by a catcher since 2003.

New York Post | Dan Martin: While going to see baseball games during the week can be a lot of fun, getting back late when you have work the next day can be a drag. Well apparently, the Yankees are actually doing something for the fans. The Yankees are now supposedly going to try out earlier start times next season. For the first month of the season, Monday-Thursday games will have a 6:35 pm start time instead of 7:10 pm. The 7:10 games will start back up in May. The affected games are below:

AP via Newsday | Ronald Blum: You didn’t think we’d go a whole news day without mentioning the Yankees’ open manager spot, did you? Well as you heard yesterday, Joe Girardi’s bench coach Rob Thomson was officially the first to interview for the job. Today, Thomson had his media session (which all interviewing candidates will have) and he explained that he had a five-to-six hour interview on Wednesday and sold himself on his communication skills and ability to connect with players.

New York Daily News | Nicholas Parco: You didn’t think we’d go a whole news day with only one post mentioning the Yankees’ open manager spot, did you? After finding out that David Cone and John Flaherty officially threw their hats in the ring, it now looks like Aaron Boone is also a candidate. He hasn’t interviewed yet, and it’s unclear if one is scheduled, but just add one more name to the ever-growing list. The more names mentioned the worse the chances get for Greg Kirkland. Poor guy.