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Aaron Judge’s home run-stealing catch: Faces in the crowd

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Who were you when Aaron Judge made that catch?

Divisional Round - Cleveland Indians v New York Yankees - Game Three Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The Yankees live to fight another day (this day). While Greg Bird’s impressive home run put the Yankees in the lead last night, it was Aaron Judge’s home run-robbing catch that made it all possible. We know what happened during Game 3 of the ALDS, but how did you react to it while watching along at home? Below are a few reactions from last night’s crowd that perfectly sum up how you might have reacted when Judge made that game-saving catch.

The Defensive Recoil

Were you so shocked at this play that you actually physically recoiled? Did you recoil in such a way that you actually pushed your child in the way of Judge’s body? If this was you, hopefully you weren’t holding your kid at the time, because they might have slipped from your grasp—but they’re ok!

The Pizza Roll

Perhaps you were busy stuffing your face at the time of the play. You looked up from your half-eaten chicken wing, like a cow chewing its cud, and you froze. Mom made pizza rolls last night for the game, and here you are too busy eating to react with anything but a wide-eyed stare and puffed out cheeks.

The Hushed

Were you like this boy in the crowd? Did you turn on the TV, decked out in too much gear, perhaps wearing your own eye black to help against the glare of the television, but you’re not the kind of fan who gets loud during games? When it was time to cheer you were probably too caught up in the moment to do anything. That was this kid. Were you him?

The Can’t Even

Was this the most amazing play you have ever seen in your young life, and were you incapable of handling it? This is similar to The Hushed, but with a heavier glaze because you’re so stressed out that you have no idea how to express your emotions anymore.

The Dingus

Were you Zack Hample last night? I hope not, because then you would have been embarrassed on national television. A word of advice: No matter how excited you are, do not block someone else’s view, thank you.

The Squeeze

Maybe you didn’t have a lot of confidence in what was enfolding before you. It’s ok, it’s a hard play to pull off. You were very tense and seeing a ball go all the way to the wall (and beyond it) was probably too much for you and you squeezed your entire body far too tightly. Hopefully there was a bathroom nearby.

The Bro

Were you too stupefied to react in any way other than raising your eyebrows off your forehead? If so, you were probably The Bro. You were definitely The Bro if you were wearing a T-shirt as intelligent as the one he’s wearing right there. It’s ok, we’re not judging.

The I Don’t Know What to Do With My Hands

It’s very possible that you were too excited to really do much of anything at all. Instead of doing something that made sense, you scrunched up your hands into a ball, shook violently, and exploded in delight soon after this picture was taken.

The Confident Man

If you were this guy, you knew it all along. You saw the play unfolding before you and there was never any doubt that Judge was going to make the play. You may or may not have confidently declared “MY MAN” at your television. There’s no need to high five anyone because you knew it was coming.

The Resigned

Or, if you’re like me, you’re absolutely resigned to your fate no matter which way this thing goes. You’re a spectator, but you’re too strung out to react in any way. This is true neutral in the alignment system of Yankees fans. You’re the Jim from The Yankees Fan Office, ready to look directly into the camera if this goes south.

Who are you? Choose your player and get ready for another delightful evening of Totally Sane Sports Night.