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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/9/17

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Greg Bird and Masahiro Tanaka keep Yankees’ hopes alive; Tanaka might have pitched his last game in pinstripes; Aaron Judge robs Cleveland and noted douchejackal of a HR; Joe Girardi got an unwelcome reception from Yankee Stadium last night

MLB: ALDS-Cleveland Indians at New York Yankees
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Around the Empire | Bryan Hoch: GREG BIRD!!! Ahem. Before we get to the story, let’s all just watch this a few more times, shall we?


In the mustiest must-win game of the season Greg Bird did what Greg Bird does and crushed a dinger to right field to give the Yankees a one-run lead. It would be the only run they’d need tonight, thanks to the brilliant, fantastic, mustnificent performance of Masahiro Tanaka. Tanaka gave the Yankees seven innings of shutout baseball. David Robertson and Aroldis Chapman would get the final six outs and keep the Yankees’ hopes and dream alive. GREG BIRD!

New York Daily News | John Harper: We said it before and it turned out not to be true. So let’s say it again and hope for the same. Last night could be the last time we see Masahiro Tanaka pitch in a Yankee uniform. If it was his last game, it was a game that showed why the Yankees signed him in the first place. Perhaps he won’t opt out. Perhaps he’ll stay because he loves us and loves the Yankees and loves New York and loves Greg Bird! I’d stay for that. Wouldn’t you?

Cut4 | Chris Landers: I love Aaron Judge. I’ve loved Aaron Judge ever since Aaron Judge Aaron Judge’d a baseball into orbit when I first saw him in Trenton. Aaron Judge nodded at me cheering for him. I have witnesses. I didn’t think it were scientifically possible to love Aaron Judge more than I already did. Perhaps science was not the answer. Magic was. Aaron Judge used his big baseball boy height to rob a home run from Cleveland. That was the science. The magic occurred when it was revealed that he also robbed noted child trampler Zack Hample from catching it. Even Yankees’ instagram noted this.

Magic. Pure, glorious, MVPish magic. I love Aaron Judge.

FanRag | Jon Heyman: Yankee Stadium was loud during yesterday’s game. One of the loudest moments occurred before the first pitch was thrown. Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi got a loud reception from the Bronx faithful last night. It was not a warm reception, to say the least. It was a notably loud amount of angry, frustrated boos, to say the most. The Yankees could be up two games to one right now. They are not. Fans blame Girardi. The question is, will the higher ups? We shall see.

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