Giancarlo Stanton is Available.

Miami Marlins' will make Giancarlo Stanton available via trade. I am sure Derek Jeter will want a ton of prospects, however he may be just looking to dump his long term salary. What would take it to get him?

Stanton's remaining salary is as follows:

2018 $25M

2019: $26M

2020: $26M


2022: $29M

2023: $32M

2024: $32M

2025: $32M

2026: $29M

2027: $25M

2028: $25M

As of today, Stanton is 27 years old so he may have at least 7~8 good years left while his remaining contract is 11 years. I would love to have him to roam the Yankee stadium outfield, but 11 years are too much. Since Miami is looking to lower their payroll to around $90M, it might not take a lot to get Stanton as long as you are willing to absorb his salary. My initial thought is NO, but he long with current young talent may bring at least couple of WS championship to New York.

What do you think???

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