2017/2018 off Season Trades

So far we have seen many posts and comments about who we want to get rid of and an unrealistic pursuit of Stanton. To date it all seems pretty disappointing to me. I think if you want to talk trades lets look at the needs:

Yanks seem pretty committed to the group of young hitters they have at all levels of the system. In addition with the reset of the tax penalty this coming year they are potential players for some of the biggest offensive stars hitting the free agent market in the next few years. Don't see real needs hitting wise for the long term future of the club

Yanks have put together a very good pen which is really set for 2018. Some good arms may be available in FA market next year. They are positioned pretty well

Starting Pitching. This is where the effort should be made. Cashman is always talking up cost effective controllable starters. Go get some! With Tanaka likely to opt out and Sabathia at the end of a great career and being a free agent there is room here for some adds. What would it take to get Gerrit Cole? There has been talk he is available. What about some others such a Straily? Marlins looking to off load salaries so maybe take back Brad Ziegler and open up some 40 man roster spots. Denbow link could be of help here. Would the Tigers in a full rebuild mode take multiple prospects for Fulmer?

These are the types of trades I hope to see. Dumping Ellsbury and getting Stanton are waste of space. This is not happening! Lets use our collective baseball knowledge as dedicated Yankee fans and find real trade possibilities that may be out there. We have some pretty bright people in the PSA community lets see that side.

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