This offseason you gotta sell high!!!

Listen, now that my wounds are healing up after a disappointing lose I can now reflect on the year and honestly say we overachieved thanks to a group of young talent that arrived a bit early. However, the retooling isnt complete or should i say shouldn't be curtailed by a little early success. For Cashman this should be about building a long lasting dynasty. This being said as the title states its time to start selling high on vets this offseason.

If i was Cashman id look at my top level farm system of high level prospects at low cost and start planning on bring them up one by one. In order to do that they need landing spots on the MLB roster. One benefit on being so successful in the playoffs is that veterans on your team now have higher value. Id start with Headley and bring in Torres. Id trade Hicks and bring up Florial. Id trade Gardner and fit Clint Frazier in. Id also move on from Todd Frazier and Matt Holiday and bring Andujar to out playing DH. Notice i left Elsbury out because unless the Yanks are going to eat a boat load of salary i am not sure he is tradeable at this point in time.

Yes im stripping us down of our vet guys and replacing them with our best in the farm but competing for a World Series next season dispite the success should not be the ultimate goal for next season. If it happens great but it should not be the priority yet. What is important is developing our best young prospects inorder to gear them up for a run. In 2019 Machado, Harper and others will be available but by that time a guy like Machado should be a missing piece to young seasoned team.

Next years starters would be:

Clint Frazier OF

Aaron Judge OF

Sanchez C

Torres 3B

Andujar DH

Didi SS

Floriel OF

Castro 2B

Bird 1B

Just add Machodo to Castros spot and you might be ready for a dynasty in 2020. You might even have Otani to spot at DH when he pitches. Who knows? But its the future and Cashman shouldnt be trying to keep the Hicks and Gardners and Headleys happy when they are not close to the potential talent we have in the farm.

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