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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/3/17

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Apparently the Yankees are playing a Wild Card game tonight

Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees
This is my warm-up shuffle
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New York Daily News | John Harper: The regular season is over and the Yankees can finally look to 2018 so they’ll finally be ready to compete. Too bad 2017 was a lost rebuilding year, but it was a worthy sacrifice. Oh wait a second. Apparently the Yankees never got the memo they weren’t supposed to compete this year because they sure haven’t playing like it. The Yankees are playing as if the future is now. | Bryan Hoch: As Jason Cohen said yesterday, the one player that can make the biggest difference in tonight’s game is Luis Severino, but all eyes will be on Aaron Judge. Judge had one of the most incredible rookie seasons in MLB history, he’s a lock to win the AL Rookie of the Year award and should finish within the top 2 of the AL MVP award. For him though, all of that was just starting, it was spring training. The real season starts now, it starts tonight. “That's what it's all about, postseason baseball.”

Sports Illustrated: The Yankees are at a weird crossroads right now. Their season can potentially end tonight. That’s the problem with one-game playoffs. If they do advance though, the Yankees can actually go the distance this year. Their offense is anchored by Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez, but their pitching is the key. They have a solid rotation and a bullpen designed for October. It’s not impossible. They can hold their own against any team in the league.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: Let’s be real: the Yankees are the better team tonight. Even if they lose, they’re still the better team. That doesn’t actually matter much tonight though. Anything can happen. Tonight’s starter Ervin Santana doesn’t have the best record against the Yankees, but he has the stuff to beat anyone on any night. This piece kind of gives an overall scouting report on the Twins and what to look for tonight.

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