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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/28/17

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Mark Teixeira says Girardi being let go was not a surprise; Willie Randolph should be considered as a manager; Tim Naehring not interested in managerial job

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox
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Around the Empire

New York Post | Dan Martin: Joe Girardi is no longer the Yankees’ manager. There will be lots and lots of speculation as to whom the Yankees will hire and why Girardi was let go. Former Yankee first baseman and resident ESPN analyst Mark Teixeira weighed in. The former host of Foul Territory with Mark Teixeira mentioned how Girardi’s intensity was probably a bit much for what Brian Cashman wants for this new, younger clubhouse. He also mentions how the Yankees probably wanted someone who communicated better with the front office. You know, I’m a great communicator and I love the Yankees. Just saying.

New York Daily News | Chuck Modiano: As mentioned above, there will be lots and lots of speculation as to whom the Yankees will hire as their new manager. The names Tony Pena, Rob Thomson, Tim Naehring, and Greg Kirkland have been thrown around. One name not being thrown around is Andrew Mearns. Another name not being thrown is former Yankee second baseman Willie Randolph. Willie was once the manager across the Triboro Bridge. I might add that he had a winning record as manager before the Mets fired him in the most Mets way possible. Just saying. Furthermore, MEARNS!!!

New York Daily News: Cross one name off those four names discussed in the last link dump. While Tim Naehring’s name was thrown into the ring, Tim said “Naeh” to that ring and removed his name from it. For the record, puns like that are why I would consider Greg Kirkland as the next manager. Moving on, Naehring could be viewed as a potential GM candidate for other teams out there and it doesn’t seem like he wants to manage.