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The complete 2017 Didi Gregorius emoji dictionary

Decode all the Yankees shortstop’s postgame tweets with this guide!

Divisional Round - New York Yankees v Cleveland Indians - Game Five
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Didi Gregorius has seemingly become everyone’s favorite baseball player. With his pull power, flashy defense, and infectious smile, it’s hard not to root for the 27-year-old shortstop. I’m willing to bet, however, that the favorite thing about Didi for a lot of us are his now-legendary postgame victory tweets.

We’ve all seen these, and it seems like Gregorius has a near-limitless list of emojis for every possible occasion. However, after seven months of research, scrutiny and a couple wild guesses, I believe I’ve assembled THE definitive list of Didi Victory Emojis. Note that these are the iOS version and may appear different depending on the device you own:

Didi came up with 25 emojis for his teammates this season, ranging from the hilarious to the absurd. I’m not going to break them all down here, and I think a few are self-explanatory, but I’m going to highlight some of my favorites, and the most difficult to interpret.

Chris Carter - Rhino

Do we remember Chris Carter? The first baseman was thrust into starting when Greg Bird broke his foot, and he proceeded to disappoint everyone. I don’t know why Didi chose to immortalize Carter as a rhino, but maybe it’s because both seem like they should be threatening but really aren’t all that dangerous. After being released by the Yankees and picked up on a minor league deal by Oakland, Carter’s future appears as bleak as the mighty African mammal’s.

Jordan Montgomery - Baby Turkey

The baby emoji appears twice in the Diditionary, once for Luis Severino and here for Montgomery. The meaning is obvious, but the turkey was a mystery to me until I learned that the University of South Carolina, Montgomery’s alma mater, bears the team name “Gamecocks.” After giggling longer than I should have, it became clear why the turkey is the perfect choice for the lanky lefty.

Chase Headley - Various Combinations of Angry Faces and Upper Extremities

Chase Headley, the Yankees’ resident Very Tired Dad, is probably as strong as the average major league baseball player. This choice of emoji is puzzling to me, since Headley doesn’t seem to play with much emotion at all, unless Didi is referencing Chase’s hilariously angry ejections:

Austin Romine - Rowboat

I hope this means that Didi is taking his cues from PSA commentators, who have famously posted “Need a canoe? ROMINE!” whenever the Yankee backup does something positive. I doubt that Didi is following our lead, but it’d be swell if he was.

Clint Frazier - Boxing Glove and Carrot and “Top”

My personal favorite emoji placeholder of the season. The boxing glove is an obvious reference to Joe Frazier, a callback echoed in John Sterling’s “downtown goes Frazier!” home run call. The carrot and top? Clearly fans aren’t the only ones who love Clint’s fiery red hair.

David Roberston - Sheriff/Cowboy and Boot

These two are used interchangeably, but never together. I’m unsure if Didi is incorrectly ascribing Old West culture to a Southerner (Robertson is, of course, from Alabama), which apparently does happen to those from the South every so often.

CC Sabathia - Santa

The old man, with a belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly, who brings gifts to good boys and girls on a cold winter night? If those nights are in October, and the gift is a dominant playoff start, you’re clearly describing the venerable left-hander.

Jaime Garcia - Mexican Flag

Not even Didi Gregorius can think of anything fun, noteworthy, or remarkable about Jaime Garcia.

The 2017 season may be over, and we have no idea what will happen to the Yankees between now and 2018. With a new season on the horizon, we can at least look forward to a fresh crop of Didi emojis, and start making guesses about what the perfect emoji for Shohei Otani would be.