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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/27/17

Joe Girardi Exit Edition; Judge & Gardner nominated for Gold Glove Awards

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox
The day Joe Girardi won me over
Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

NBC Sports | Craig Calcaterra: There are a lot of opinions on there on the Yankees decision to not bring Joe Girardi back as manager. This one might be the most reasonable take of them all. Joe Girardi had his flaws, like everyone, but was overall a very good manager and he was never given enough credit. It’ll be easier to find someone worse than him than it will be to find someone equal or better, but it could be the right time for a fresh voice. | Bryan Hoch: So who will that fresh voice be for the Yankees? I’m assuming Brian Cashman already had a shortlist and a plan if he made a move this drastic. The Yankees supposedly have some thoughts on internal and external candidates. Potential internal candidates include Rob Thomson (oh god no), Tony Pena, and Al Pedrique. External candidates include Kevin Long (wut) and Raul Ibanez. Per Pete Caldera of USA Today, Cubs’ bench coach Dave Martinez is also a candidate. Hold on to your butts, everyone. This is going to be a ride.

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: Regardless of who is hired to be the Yankees next manager, this is now officially Brian Cashman’s team. After orchestrating one of the fastest rebuilds in MLB history, Cashman now has a ton of power. This is especially evidenced by Hal Steinbrenner listening to Cashman’s recommendation not to retain Girardi, even though Cashman’s contract is also expiring, pretty much guaranteeing he’ll be back. This is the hire that will define Brian Cashman’s next term as GM. | Brendan Kuty: We may never know exactly what went down between Joe Girardi and the Yankees, we’ll only know what we hear. One of the things that has come up is about communication and how that may have led us to where we are today. Supposedly Girardi was a lot more laid back and approaching during spring training but did a complete 180 and turned into a stern and rigid version of himself during the actual season.

New York Post | Dan Martin: So what’s next for Joe Girardi? He has plenty of options. See that it seems like he wanted to come back as the Yankees’ manager, he has some options to manage as the Nationals and Phillies both have openings, though the Nationals seem more likely. He could also return to TV or just take a year or so off. His options are pretty much open. | Chad Thornberg: A small piece of non-Girardi news from yesterday, Aaron Judge and Brett Gardner were nominated for Gold Glove Awards in right and left field, respectively. Gardner won the award last year and being that this is Judge’s rookie season, it’s his first nomination. Judge made a number of spectacular catches throughout the year, especially in the postseason. Good luck to both of them. Okay now back to Girardi.

Goodbye, Joe

Sigh. Thanks for everything, Joe. I’m admittedly a Joe Girardi homer so this stings a bit, but I tend to have faith in Brian Cashman so let’s hope he and the Yankees know what they’re doing.