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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/26/17

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All eyes are on Joe Girardi right now; could the Yankees go with someone else as manager; Cashman is probably going to be back as the GM; an excellent article on the redemption of A-Rod

League Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Three
Who me? You’ll find out today!
Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Around the Empire | Bryan Hoch: The Yankees’ offseason is just beginning and the majority of the discussion has been on the future of Joe Girardi. His contract is up. Girardi has been meeting briefly with Brian Cashman, whose contract is also up, to discuss his plans. He has also been discussing matter with his family. According to Jon Heyman, Girardi plans to talk tomorrow with Cashman about his plans.

Plans within plans.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: Does Girardi want to come back? Do the Yankees want him back? Will the classic PSA “Girinder” meme live on? These are just but a few of the questions we find ourselves asking. The Yankees brass seems to like Girardi a lot. Hal Steinbrenner seems to be quite pleased with how well the Yankees did this year. Questions within questions.

Twitter | Jon Heyman: No link. Just an embed tweet:

It’s looking pretty good that Brian Cashman will return to the GM role for the Yankees. Is that a good thing? Yes. Yes, it most certainly is. Trades within trades.

The Ringer | Katie Baker: We talk a lot about how fantastic a baseball analyst Alex Rodriguez is. Well, we’re gonna talk about it again. Alex Rodriguez is an incredible baseball analyst. This article goes into many reasons why he’s perfect for the role. Adding David Ortiz to the roster has only helped transformed the pre-game & post-game shows into must watch TV. It has also helped to redeem the former controversial superstar to a lot of people. This is an excellent article. Rods within rods.