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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/23/17

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Girardi contemplating future; Yankees excited for next year; How Yanks can win in 2018; A goodbye to the ‘17 Yankees

MLB: ALCS-New York Yankees at Houston Astros
“Uh huh. Uh huh. Tell me more about how you played in college and how that makes you better at my job.”
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports | Bryan Hoch: Joe Girardi’s contract is up. As of right now, the Yankees technically don’t have a manager for 2018. While the overall feeling is that the Yankees and Girardi will work out another contract, it’s not a done deal. Girardi says the first thing he has to do is talk to his family, as he does before making any big decision. He wants to make sure they’re all on board and he’ll connect with the Yankees after that.

New York Post | George A. King III: There’s always next year. That’s how it goes right? Well these particular Yankees are quite excited for next year. They think they have the talent to go deeper in October than they did this year and are excited for the challenge next year. Aaron Judge and CC Sabathia both think the Yankees have what it takes to be back next year.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: If the Yankees do get to the top in 2018 as Aaron Judge and CC Sabathia think is possible, it’ll largely be because of the current core Brian Cashman has built. Just because the team is strong, doesn’t mean they can’t stand to improve in some areas. Here are some suggestions for moves the Yankees can make over the winter that could help the team get that 28th championship.

The New Yorker | Roger Angell: Finally, and I’ll keep this short, a goodbye piece to the 2017 Yankees. Until next year, Yankees.