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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/22/17

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Yankees lose ALCS but their future looks brighter than ever; Aaron Judge makes spectacular catch in RF; distract yourself with Judge’s 2017 dingers; CC Sabathia wants to come back next year

MLB: ALCS-New York Yankees at Houston Astros
See you in 2018
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Around the Empire

The Ringer | Zach Kram: I doubt there’s any amount of news or positive vibes that will make last night’s loss sting any less. We’re gonna try though. That’s why we’re Pinstripe Alley, dangnabbit. The obvious positive aspect is that this rebuilding Yankees team went to Game 7 of the ALCS. Only the craziest of pre-season prestidigitation could’ve predicted they would get this far, or that Aaron Judge would be the Rookie of the Year. The majority of the players that got the Yankees this far, the players we all enjoyed watching, are not going anywhere. We understand if you’re sad about the Yankees not making it to the World Series, but they look poised for the future. To quote the famous song, “they’re gonna learn to fear the Yankees!”

Cut4 | MEARNS!!!: Yesterday was the last day we will see Aaron Judge until his MLBN interview where he humbly accepts his Rookie of the Year award. Last night’s game showcased yet another reason why he’s winning it. Judge made an incredible catch to rob the Astros of a home run. Looks like an MVP to me. It’s easy get distracted by all the dingers and forget that Judge is actually a really good defender.

Newsday: Speaking of getting distracted by Aaron Judge dingers, let’s distract overselves with Aaron Judge dingers. Like, all of them. In a row. Newsday has happily compiled them all right here for our viewing pleasure. I’ve watched the Safeco Field one about 20 times tonight. I am going to spend a good part of the offseason watches these. | Bryan Hoch: CC Sabathia pitched his heart out this season. He is one of the main reasons the Yankees got as far as they did. It’s quite possible that yesterday was his last start in pinstripes. Or maybe not. Sabathia says he wants to come back. His teammates absolutely want him back. I want him back. Please bring CC back, Cashman. Don’t even wait until the World Series is over with. Just announce a deal today and give Shah some good news for his link dump tomorrow.

It’s been a hell of a season, ladies and gentlemen. Stick with Pinstripe Alley during the offseason for all your Yankees news. Play the song below just one more time. “Shout it out loud, we love the Yankees!” I’m really proud of our Yankees.

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