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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/21/17

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CC Sabathia takes the mound tonight for Game 7; Tanaka and Sabathia have earned a spot on the 2018 Yankees; Yankees facing another elimination game scenario; Kahnle has had an amazing postseason; a look at the Yankee prospects at the AFL

MLB: ALCS-New York Yankees at Houston Astros
“So yeah, that strike zone was kinda BS, wasn’t it?” -Starlin Castro
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Around the Empire | Rhett Bollinger: The Yankees are rebuilding. A good portion of their young players and rookies have gotten them this far. Tonight, they will turn to the veteran CC Sabathia to keep their playoff hopes alive. If the Yankees win, they face the Dodgers. If the Yankees lose, that’s it. The Yankees are 10-0 in Sabathia starts after a loss going into tonight. The big man is precisely who you want in this situation. Anything can happen though. Best of luck tonight.

CBSSports | Ernie Palladino: Whatever happens tonight, CC Sabathia and Masahiro Tanaka have both done incredible work this postseason. This could be the last time we see Sabathia pitch in pinstripes. Game 5 might have been Tanaka’s last outing as a Yankee. These will be questions that will be answered in the offseason, which will hopefully not be for another week or two. Let’s keep it going.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: The Yankees are facing elimination. They have been in this position for most of the playoffs. They faced the Twins in a one-game elimination match. They were down 0-2 to Cleveland before taking the next three to advance. They started off the ALDS 0-2 before heading back to New York and prevailing. We shall see if they have one more “backs-to-the-wall” victory in them. I sure hope so. | Bryan Hoch: The Yankees will still be going into tonight’s game with a deep bullpen. Chad Green was used a lot last night and David Robertson did not have his best stuff, even if he only threw 12 pitches. They still have Tommy Kahnle, who has pitched brilliantly this postseason. He has pitches 10 innings thus far. In those 10 innings, he’s walking two batters and struck out nine. It’s still between Cashman’s trade for D-Rob and Kahnle and the Astros trade for Verlander for the best moves of the deadline.

Baseball America | J.J. Cooper: Here’s a look at what some of the Yankee prospects have been doing in the Arizona Fall League. A nice reminder that the Yankees are still in a rebuilding phase. That’s about it from me right now. Still emotionally drained from last night and emotionally preparing for tonight. Let us Go Yankees.