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Yankees 1, Astros 7: We will need a Game 7

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Yankees cannot score runs off of Justin Verlander and the ALCS will go to Game 7

League Championship Series - New York Yankees v Houston Astros - Game Six
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Yankees’ offense figured out Dallas Keuchel in Game 5. They could not figure out Justin Verlander in Game 6. The Yankees lose 7-1 and they will play Game 7 tomorrow.

Luis Severino started off the night pretty well. He was lights out for the first four innings of the night. The Astros offense rudely decided to wake up and tagged him for three runs in the top of the 5th inning. After Brian McCann hit a ground rule double to score Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve remembered he was Jose Altuve and tagged Sevy for a single to drive in two more. Chad Green would replace Severino and pitch like his usual amazing self. David Robertson would then replace Chad Green and do the exact opposite.

Meanwhile, the Astros further proved that they made the best move of the trade deadline with their trade for 2011 Justin Verlander. Verlander pitched about as good as his Game 2 start against the Yankees. While he didn’t go a full 9 innings like he did in that start, he still pitched 7 innings of shutout baseball. I don’t think I can stress enough how fortunate it was that we finally scored actual runs off of Dallas Keuchel.

The Astros brought in Brad Peacock and Aaron Judge hit a 425ft monster shot off of him. You can at least be happy that Judge looks like Judge. At this point, the Yankees looked like they had a viable chance to come back and win this game. Then the bottom of the 8th happened. It was bad. Not ideal. Un-good. Bunting awful.

If the Yankees offense getting shut down didn’t depress you enough, the sight of the Astros offense finally waking up might have pushed you further down into the abyss. D-Rob came in to pitch the 8th and did not record a single out. He gave up four runs before being removed for Dellin Betances, who looked a bit like the Dellin we know and love. That’s good. Unlike this game, which was bad. Meh. Blah. Garbage. Bunting awful.

If you want some positives going into Game 7, the Astros brought in Ken Giles to pitch the 9th inning with a 6-run lead and the Yankees made him throw 20+ pitches. The other, way more important positive, is that CC Sabathia will be taking the mound. There has been no Yankee pitcher better after a loss than the big man himself. We will need him to shove just one more time in order to make it to the World Series. The Yankees offense could also, oh I don’t know, score 10 runs in the first inning against Charlie Morton & friends. Just an idea.

No matter what, still extremely proud of this team for making it this far. Let’s Go Yankees.