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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/20/17

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NYY not changing approach; Baby Bombers key in Game 5 win; Bird spreading his wings; Yanks have barely scratched the surface; Yankees invest in esports; A-Rod trolls Ortiz

MLB: ALCS-Houston Astros at New York Yankees
I would like to draw your attention to Greg Bird’s neck.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

New York Post | George A. King III: For the first time this postseason, the Yankees actually have a lead in a series against their opponent. It’s almost unfamiliar territory for these Yankees who have become used to playing with their backs against the wall. They won’t, however, let that change their strategy. They’re still taking it one game at a time and are not going into tonight’s game thinking they have the cushion of Saturday.

Sports Illustrated | Tom Verducci: After fives games in the ALCS, the Yankees have a 3-2 lead in the seven-game series. Their victory in Game Five gave them the lead and that victory was fueled by strong efforts from Aaron Judge, Greg Bird, and Gary Sanchez aka the Baby Bombers. They came earlier than expected and they made an impact. This is a very good read, if you only click one link from this entire list, let this one be it.

Newsday | Anthony Rieber: Speaking of Baby Bombers succeeding: GREG BIRD! A few years ago, Brian Cashman referred to Bird as the best hitter in the Yankees’ system. Now potential MVP candidate and probably ROY Aaron Judge said the same thing. He’s not impressed by Bird’s postseason because that’s what he’s come to expect of him. Bird is the perfect left-handed complement to Judge and Sanchez’s right-handed power. This trio will be a force to mess with for years to come.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: The Yankees, as currently constructed, are built to be good for a long time. Yet, this is just the beginning. They’ve barely scratched the surface of their potential. They’re in the middle of this postseason run without Clint Frazier, Gleyber Torres, and Justus Sheffield. This is just the beginning of their run and it’s kind of amazing.

Bloomberg | Eben Novy-Williams: The Yankees are embracing the technological world we live in today. First it’s their social media team upping their game and now the Yankees have invested in and acquired a stake of Echo Fox. The investment is part of a deal between the Yankees and Vision Esports, which gives the Yankees a stake in Twin Galaxies, a stats and rankings company; and Vision Entertainment, which produces esports video content as well as Echo Fox.

Cut4 | Michael Clair: Alex Rodriguez is just too precious. After the Yankees 5-0 win in Game Five of the ALCS, Rodriguez caught David Ortiz off-guard and tried putting his Yankee jacket on him. Ortiz quickly realized what was happening and fought it off but it was just funny to see nonetheless. Enjoy.