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Introducing the Didi Emoji shirt from BreakingT

Grab one in time for the playoffs!

One of the best things about a Yankees win is anticipating Didi Gregorius’ victory tweet, including all of his emoji designations for his teammates. I interviewed Gregorius recently, and got a chance to ask about the thought process behind each emoji, which was apparently much easier for Didi than I thought.

With the Yankees heading to the playoffs, you can now grab a shirt from BreakingT featuring some of the best Didi emojis. The t-shirt features the judge for Aaron Judge, the guy in a tuxedo for Todd Frazier, the clown for Brett Gardner, and the kraken for Gary Sanchez, among others.

BreakingT shirts are MLBPA licensed, incredibly soft, and printed in the USA. You can grab one for yourself by clicking here. This emoji t-shirt would make the perfect game day shirt for the upcoming playoffs, so get yours soon!