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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/12/17

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Yankees beat Cleveland, advance to ALCS to face Astros; CC Sabathia records nine strikeouts in great start; Sir Didi Gregorius is the greatest human being; Jacoby Ellsbury has more postseason catcher’s interference calls than anyone; clubhouse 100% had Joe Girardi’s back after Game 2; OMG THE YANKEES ARE GOING TO THE ALCS

MLB: ALDS-New York Yankees at Cleveland Indians
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports


/turns caps lock off

HA! I STILL HAVE THE SHIFT KEY! BUNT YOU, GREG! SIR DIDI GREGORIUS HIT TWO HOME RUNS OFF OF COREY KLUBER! CY YOUNG? MORE LIKE “BYE YOUNG” AMIRITE?! I’M NOT EVEN SORRY FOR THAT PUN! CC SABATHIA PITCHED A GREAT GAME. DAVID ROBERTSON & AROLDIS CHAPMAN FINISHED IT OFF. GRITTY GUTTY BRETT GARDNER HAD THE MOST INCREDIBLE AT BAT AGAINST ALLEN. IT ALL HAPPENED. THE YANKEES CAME BACK FROM A 2-0 DEFICIT AND ARE NOW HEADING TO HOUSTON TO FACE THE ASTROS! GO YANKEES GO YOU ARE #1. | Brittany Ghiroli: As I loudly mentioned up above, CC Sabathia brought it last night. CC only pitched 4.2 innings. During those 4.2 innings, Sabathia struck out nine batters. Nine. NINE! With the incredible bullpen at our disposal, it was precisely what we needed from CC tonight. Praise be!

Newsday | David Lennon: Let’s get back to Sir Didi Gregorius for a moment. As I loudly mentioned up above, our beautiful knighted boy hit two home runs off of Corey Kluber. Yes, THAT Corey Kluber. It was an instant shot of joy and adrenaline into the Yankees’ dugout. Remember his 3-run bomb to get the Yankees right back in the Wild Card game against the Twins? That seems like so long ago. Three of the most important dingers in this postseason belong to Sir Didi. A reminder that he was acquired for literally Shane Greene. YES Broadcaster and friend of the site David Cone had this friendly reminder.

R.I.P. Stick. What a trade. Sir Didi Gregorius is the best human.

Cut4 | Adrian Garro: History was made last night. No, not just coming back after being down 2-0 against Cleveland. Jacoby Ellsbury was once again the DH for Joe Girardi. Ellsbury then did what Ellsbury does. What does Ellsbury do? Catcher’s Interference, of course. He now holds the record for CI’s in the postseason. Magnum C.I. does it again.

Newsday | Anthony Rieber: If you want to read about how connected this team is, look no further than this article about Joe Girardi, mistakes that were made, and how his team picked him up afterwards.

That is not a manager who has lost the clubhouse. That is a manager that believes in his players and whose players believe in him. I was admittedly angry with Girardi after Game 2. I was frustrated and upset and I was absolutely wrong. The Yankees will move on to the ALCS. One of the reasons why is Joe Girardi. His mistake in Game 2 does not take away his fantastic managing in the postseason thus far.

Newsday: Just some photos from the ALDS celebration. There are some good ones in here!

Didi Victory Tweet

Literally hit two home runs against Kluber and still will not give himself any credit. Such a valiant knight!

Note: I totally borrowed/stole that “more like Bye Young” pun from Kunj