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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/10/17

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Luis Severino pitches a gem as Yankees send ALDS back to Cleveland for Game 5; CC Sabathia will get the start for Game 5; Severino reaction shots; Mets could go after Joe Girardi if Yankees don’t want him back; Derek Jeter hires Gary Denbo to be Marlins’ president of player development and scouting

MLB: ALDS-Cleveland Indians at New York Yankees
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Around the Empire | Bryan Hoch: SEV-ER-IN-O! CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP! There’s not much to say about the performance of Luis Severino tonight. He was fantastic. He was brilliant. Oh, you want more? Cool. In his bounce back game, Luis Severino proved he was every bit the ace for the Yankees as he was all year. Dare I say, Luis Severino was better than Chris Sale this year. Yep. I went there. Don’t agree? Don’t care! I’m on a Sevy high and I’m not coming down. Going to Game 5! | Brittany Ghiroli: CC Sabathia will get the start in Cleveland. Sabathia pitched a great Game 2 for the Yankees. Opposing him will be Corey Kluber. Kluber did not pitch a great Game 2 for Cleveland. Let’s hope certain aspects of Game 2 history repeat themselves. This could be Sabathia’s last start as a Yankee. I think he should start a couple more games this season. In case CC falters, Sonny Gray will be available out of the pen.

Cut4 | MEARNS!!!: Let’s go back to Luis “Better than Sale” Severino. Former PSA scribe Andrew Mearns has gathered a fantastic compilation of some Severino reaction shots. Who could blame Severino for being so pumped up? In the mustacular mustiest must win game of them all, Severino mustered his powers to deliver a much needed ace-like performance. Those are some great shots. Also, MEARNS!!!

New York Post | Mike Puma: This article is about the Mets potentially pouncing on Joe Girardi if the Yankees let him go. I could talk more about that, but I’m just going to take the moment to give Girardi a bit of praise. He was rightfully scolded for his mistake in Game 2. However, Girardi deserves a lot of credit for the past two games, especially yesterday. Joe stuck with Severino through 7, relying on his ace, unconcerned with pitch count. Joe removed Dellin instantly after seeing him struggle. As frustrating as that Game 2 blunder was, he has had more good 2017 postseason games than bad. I hope they can win for him and for us.

Newsday | Erik Boland: Derek Jeter is looking to run the Marlins his way. It looks like that way involves some old friends, like Gary Denbo, the Yankees’ vice president of player development. Denbo will join Jeter in Miami as the Marlins’ president of player development and scouting. Denbo has been with the Yankees’ organization for 23 years, even managing a young Derek Jeter. They have been friends ever since.

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