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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/1/17

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Aaron Judge surpasses a Babe Ruth record with his 33rd dinger at Yankee Stadium; that HR went 484ft, which is just another exclamation point on his MVP-caliber season; more stories of tragic foul ball incidents at Yankee Stadium over the years; D-Rob’s charity to help victims of Harvey & Irma

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees
“Yeah, you saw that right? 484ft my ass!” -Judge
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Around the Empire | Bryan Hoch: Aaron Judge hit a baseball 484ft yesterday. It looked like it went as far or further than the 495ft home run he hit earlier in the year. It’s not really important. The true distance of his dinger are the memories we have of his incredible, MVP-caliber season. His latest bomb was his 33rd HR at home, which broke Babe Ruth’s old record. It’s not really important either, but damn it’s impressive. You know, for his rookie year. Look, just give him the MVP award. You know you want to.

Newsday | Erik Boland: Yesterday I linked to some stats about AL ROTY winner and AL MVP candidate Aaron Judge. This link has more stats. Judge stats are fun stats. It also takes a look back at his season as a whole. From “is he gonna start over Aaron Hicks in right field” to “No seriously, I think that HR went farther than 484ft.” His humble demeanor and team first attitude were fully on display just as much as his massive dingers. What a debut.

New York Daily News | Daniel Popper: It has been a couple of weeks since that young girl was hit by a foul ball. The Yankees have still made no official announcement about putting up extended protective netting at the stadium. Stories are starting to come out from others who have suffered due to being hit by foul balls. This is one. You should read it.

New York Post | Dean Balsamini: This is another. You should also read it. Again, this isn’t hard. Put up extended protective netting. Players want it. Fans want it. Just do it. | Mark Feinsand: High Socks for Hope is a charity started by Yankee reliever David Robertson. This charity was started after a tornado devastated his hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. High Socks for Hope raised money for victims of the tragedy. Now the charity, under the new name The David and Erin Robertson Foundation, is trying to raise money for victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma. His fans and teammates have been very supportive of the endeavor since the beginning. Love you, D-Rob.

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