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Your best bold Yankees predictions for 2017

Some pretty wild things are in store for this year if even one of these goes down.

MLB: New York Yankees at Los Angeles Angels
Home Run King
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a new year and Yankees spring training is just around the corner. Before long, Opening Day will arrive and the 2017 season will get underway. There are many normal-sounding predictions that one could make about the Yankees—Dellin Betances reaches 130 strikeouts, Gary Sanchez hits 20 homers, etc.

The hot takes are much more entertaining though, so I asked Twitter to give me some bold Yankees predictions for 2017. Below are some of my favorites.

Holy hell, that would be amazing and a true dream. Sign me up.

Well that would just be depressing.

Either Mrs. Hicks has a secret account on Twitter, or @constant_gardnr is the biggest Hicks fan in the world.

Truly the darkest timeline.

Counterpoint: Truly the brightest timeline!

The sad thing is that Pineda absolutely has the talent for something like that, and yet Pineda is Pineda.


Red Thunder cometh!

Yowza. That’d be some fire sale.

Get. It. Done. Cash.

Some American League teams have seen their pitchers homer during interleague play, but the Yankees have not had one go deep for them since Lindy McDaniel in 1972, forty-five years ago. I really, really want to see this happen.


And now, my absolutely absurd favorites:


Travis is REALLY thinking here.

Whoa, calm down with this #HotTake, Death.

Altuve’s got nothin’ on Toe. (Nothin’ on Toeeeee, babe.)

Thanks to all for sending in your tweets! Have any of your own bold predictions? Put ‘em in the comments!