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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 1/6/17

Moose not focused on HOF vote; Letting Cano walk was a mistake; Harper will 100% not be a Yankee; Show RE2PECT, get free steak

New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox

CBS | Sweeny Murti: Mike Mussina knows that this year’s Hall of Fame decision will come soon, but he has other concerns right now. He’s busy trying to figure out how to help the basketball team he coaches turn around from a 2-5 start. But just because he’s not focused on baseball or the Hall right now, doesn’t mean he’s undervaluing the Hall. He knows what a great honor it would be to be selected, but understands that it may not be in the cards this year. At least he still has six more years to get in. #Moose4HOF

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: Three years ago letting Robinson Cano walk was a mistake. Three years later, it’s still a mistake. Cano, now three seasons into his 10-year deal with the Mariners, has been nothing sure of fantastic for Seattle with the exception of a few months in 2015 when he was battling a stomach virus. While Starlin Castro represented an upgrade over Stephen Drew and Brian Roberts, he’s still nowhere near the kind of talent that Cano is.

CBS Sports | Dayn Perry: Bryce Harper is definitely not coming to the Yankees when he becomes a free agent. Consider this fact. 100% true. How do we know this? By reading way too much into the series of tweets between him and Clint Frazier we learned about yesterday. Harper could commend the first $400 million contract, but would any sane person be willing to shave their beard for that kind of money? Obviously not. From the tweets we learned Harper loves his beard more than money.

YES Network | A.J. Herrmann: Do you like steak? Do you like free food? If you answered yes to both, I bet you’d love to know how you can get free steak? All you have to do is show RE2PECT, apparently. Derek Jeter and his wife Hannah reportedly spent their New Year’s Eve at a steakhouse in Tampa. While at dinner, the couple was approached by a fan who complimented Mrs. Jeter. To show his gratitude, Jeter returned the favor by picking up the fan’s tab.