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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 1/4/17

NYY staying ‘engaged’ in pitching market; Tanaka’s looming opt-out; Healthy Holliday is important for team’s success; Blue Jays interested in Gardner

Oakland Athletics v Chicago White Sox | Bryan Hoch: The Yankees are prepared to enter spring training with the players they have, but remain engaged in the pitching market. The team clearly sees potential to upgrade their rotation but will only do so at their price. So while a big trade for someone like Jose Quintana is unlikely, it’s not impossible nor is bringing in a free agent pitcher.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: Masahiro Tanaka is entering the fourth year of his seven-year deal, which means that he could opt-out after the season. And that potential opt-out will be looming over the Yankees throughout the season. If he’s performing well, he will most-likely opt-out, which would help the Yankees in 2017 but possibly hurt them in the future if he ends up leaving to sign with another team.

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: Matt Holliday was brought in as a veteran stopgap on a rebuilding team. However, he does offer some promise as a hitter, and could end up helping the team greatly improve their offense as long as he stays healthy. A healthy Holliday could do wonders for the team’s offense. Especially combined with Gary Sanchez’s potential in the Yankee lineup. | Joe Giglio: It’s been a few minutes since a potential Brett Gardner trade has been discussed, so obviously, it’s been too long. Once again we find ourselves talking about Gardner as a trade candidate. This time, it’s the Blue Jays who are potentially interested in Gardner as a possible replacement for Jose Bautista in the outfield. This marks the second AL East team that Gardner has been linked to, the other being the Orioles.