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Ranking the best Yankees commercials of 2016

“Yankees On Demand” produced some clever material last season

YES Network Exploring Sale For Right Offer Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

We are still trudging through the dark abyss of the offseason with spring training ever-so-slowly coming into focus. So hang in there as we continue to milk every bit of material out of this winter cow.

I’ll admit, the commercials this season were not “Yankees on MSG” standard, but a few of them were pleasant surprises. These are the best ones that aired in 2016.

6. Headley hits the hardwood

I would have liked to have seen the Yankee third baseman a little more animated in this commercial. It was an opportunity for him to be really funny, but much like on the field, we failed to see him break out and blow us away. Some of his trash talking was comical, and you gotta love the outfit.

5. Nasty Nate goes undercover

You could argue that Nathan Eovaldi was overshadowed by Larry Rothschild’s gripping performance in this commercial, or even his old batterymate Brian McCann. Still, this bit had its moments.

4. The Baby Bombers embrace their nickname

Gary Sanchez making truck noises along with Aaron Judge (who is built like a tower himself) building a tower out of blocks made this commercial for me. Something about them all laying around in full uniform hits my funny bone. This was one of the better ones this year.

3. Brian McCann: H2Bro

There’s this odd quality about Brian McCann that just makes me laugh, dating back to his first days with the Yanks when the team recreated a scene from The Sandlot and perfectly cast the former Yankee catcher as Hamilton Porter. Of course, Masahiro Tanaka’s one-liner at the end is the perfect way to close this funny commercial.

2. “Do you want to do karate in the garage?!”

This is many fans’ favorite commercial of this year, and for good reason. Didi Gregorius and Starlin Castro do a great job recreating this iconic Step Brothers scene, and something about Castro’s attentive stare during this hilarious scene makes it that much funnier.

1. Miller time on security duty

Maybe I just miss Andrew Miller, but I consider this the funniest commercial of 2016 without a doubt. Miller’s banter with media personalities like Sweeny Murti and Jack Curry was hilarious, especially when he asks Curry if there is any relation to Steph. I want Miller back in New York for a number of reasons, but one of them is his acting skills.