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Recent World Series odds place Yankees near middle of the pack

World Series odds don’t necessarily favor the Yankees, but bettors think they’ll do better than the Orioles and Rays.

New York Yankees v Oakland Athletics Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

January is coming to a close, spring training is in sight, and Jose Bautista finally inked a new contract. A few weeks ago, Brian Cashman said that he thought the Yankees were done making moves for the offseason, and it is true that it has been a quiet month. Now seems like a good time to check in on the latest World Series odds according to

Chicago Cubs +450
Boston Red Sox +500
Cleveland Indians +800
Washington Nationals +900
San Francisco Giants +1200
Houston Astros +1400
Los Angeles Dodgers +1400
New York Mets +1800
Toronto Blue Jays +2000
St. Louis Cardinals +2000
Texas Rangers +2500
Seattle Mariners +2500
New York Yankees +2800
Detroit Tigers +2800
Baltimore Orioles +3300
Kansas City Royals +3300
Pittsburgh Pirates +4000
Chicago White Sox +6600
Miami Marlins +6600
Los Angeles Angels +7500
Colorado Rockies +7500
Tampa Bay Rays +7500
Atlanta Braves +7500
Arizona Diamondbacks +10000
Milwaukee Brewers +10000
Oakland Athletics +10000
Cincinnati Reds +10000
Minnesota Twins +10000
Philadelphia Phillies +10000
San Diego Padres +10000

Interestingly, the Yankees are listed near the middle of the pack. The team was situated right around the same spot when the odds were released around this time of January in both 2015 and 2016, as well. Of course, these odds don’t necessarily take team performance into account. They are based on whether people would be money on each team to win it all.

As far as the AL East goes, the Yankees again fall in the middle, with better odds than the Orioles and the Rays. That is an improvement upon last year’s odds, since they only had better odds than the Rays around this time in January 2016. The division standings also happened to work out that way at the end of the season. Typically the teams that rise to the top are the ones that made the biggest offseason moves. The Red Sox are certainly a good team, especially after adding Chris Sale. It looked like the Blue Jays might lose a good chunk of their offense, but bettors like their odds after bringing back Jose Bautista.

The Yankees’ odds seem just about right relative to the other teams. They finally shelled out money for free agents and signed Matt Holliday, which should improve the lineup. Signing Aroldis Chapman was obviously the biggest move of the offseason, and the back of the bullpen is better with him. However, there are plenty of other question marks in the bullpen. The main thing holding the Yankees back is the rotation. Usually the Yankees go into spring training with the intention of holding a competition for the final spot in the rotation, but they’ll be looking to fill two spots this year (assuming that Luis Severino is not a lock). If the Yankees really are done for the offseason, it looks like these odds will hold going into spring training.

Do you agree with the Yankees’ current World Series odds? Do you think any of them seem way off? Let us know in the comments.