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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 1/19/17

Raines, Pudge, and Bagwell are headed to Cooperstown; Posada fails to get 5% needed to stay on the Hall of Fame ballot; A-Rod might have a chance to make the Hall of Fame; young farm pitchers hoping to make impact on the Yankees this season; the Steinbrenners are never selling the Yankees

Tim Raines
His bat is pointing right at Cooperstown.

Around the Empire | Andrew Simon: The 2017 Hall of Fame Class of 2017 was announced and yesterday was a big day for two former Yankee legends. Tim Raines and Ivan Rodriguez, along with Jeff Bagwell, will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year. While Raines and Bagwell have been on the ballot for a while, this was Pudge’s first year on the ballot. Pudge did not have the best of years on the Yankees, to say the least. As far as Tim Raines, I believe LTL put it best when he tweeted this. | Bryan Hoch: It was not the best of days for another former Yankee legend. Jorge Posada did not receive the 5% of votes in order to stay on the Hall of Fame ballot. Posada may or may not have been a guaranteed Hall of Famer, but the fact that he was one and done tends to show how flawed the current voting system currently is.

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: As this article points out, Posada’s offensive numbers for a catcher are pretty hard to ignore. Alas, ignored they were. He will always have a place in the hearts of Yankee fans everywhere, as well as a permanent spot in Monument Park. Hip hip!

New York Daily News | John Harper: Yesterday could potentially be a good day for another former Yankee legend. Alex Rodriguez’s name will eventually be on the Hall of Fame ballot and there probably aren’t enough umbrellas in the world to protect us from the feces monsoon that will commence once it is. However, with Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens gaining momentum, it’s possible it won’t be that ba...hahahahahahahahahahahaha. | Bryan Hoch: Enough of former Yankee legends. It’s time to focus on future Yankee legends. While the youth movement is focusing on the likes of Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird, and Gleyber Torres, their young farm arms also show some promise as well. James Kaprielian is hopeful that he and other potential Yankee starters can show the Bronx what they’re capable of as well. Considering our current pitching situation, here’s hoping they do.

Newsday | Steven Marcus: The Steinbrenners are never selling the Yankees. Never ever ever. This statement comes from Jennifer Steinbrenner Swindal. She also said that she’s very excited to see what the youth movement can do with the Yankees going forward. It’s hard not to be excited. Let’s just hope this whole thing is not a clever attempt to Swindal fans out of their money. Zing.