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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 1/17/17

Gary Sanchez kicks off Winter Warm-Up 2017 with some sandwiches; the Winter Warm-Up event could be due to lower attendance at Yankee Stadium; Chapman visits the White House with the Cubs yesterday; Yankees sign Ji-Man Choi to a minor league deal

MLB: New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays
Soon he will open his own deli because he is Gary
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Around the Empire | Bryan Hoch: The Yankees’ week long Winter Warm-Up 2017 event is underway. This four day event starting with Gary Sanchez making and handing out sandwiches (Sanchwichez...nah) from the Bullpen Deli across the street from Yankee Stadium. He who is Gary also surprised a longtime season ticket holder at her home yesterday. He also discussed what he’s focusing on for the 2017 season and how he doesn’t feel any pressure to repeat his amazing 2016 debut.

The New York Times | Flip Bondy: In regards to the Yankees’ Winter Warm-Up 2017 event, the author of this article speculates that the event itself might be due to declining season attendance numbers at Yankee Stadium. Despite new crazy food additions last year, the fans have not been turning out as much to see the Yankees play. Perhaps it’s the lackluster play itself or the annoyance of simply not being able to print out tickets. Who can say?

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: The 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs, which is still not a typo, arrived at the White House yesterday to meet with President and noted White Sox fan Barack Obama. Obama acknowledged about 14 members of the Cubs roster but left Aroldis Chapman’s name out, potentially due to his domestic violence allegations. This is not the first time Obama has done this with visiting guests with DV issues. Hope Solo was also not named when the US Women’s Soccer Team visited. Chapman said via tweet that the event was an incredible experience for him.

MLB Trade Rumors | Steve Adams: In future 2017 World Series Championship news, the Yankees signed free-agent Ji-Man Choi to a minor league contract yesterday. Choi is a first baseman/outfielder and he will be competing for a roster spot during Spring Training. He will have some tough competition at first base with Greg Bird and Tyler Austin both aiming for the position.