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What is the best-case scenario for the Yankees in 2017?

Turn your answer into a FanPost.

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

This year we’ve decided to make more of an effort to recognize the Pinstripe Alley community and give our readers more of a spotlight. In the past, we have occasionally featured FanPosts on the front page, but we are looking to start doing so on a weekly basis. The idea is that we will provide readers with a weekly prompt or discussion topic and then readers will write their responses in the FanPost section. We will select one or more of the best FanPosts to be featured on the front page on what we will call FanPost Fridays.

Here is this week’s prompt:

What is the best-case scenario for the Yankees in 2017?

Obviously, this is an open-ended question with no correct answer. Feel free to interpret the question as you like. For example, you could compare the 2017 roster to the 2016 roster and focus in on areas that you think the Yankees have improved. Alternatively, you could pick out a few players that you think will have bounce-back seasons and justify your reasoning. Another idea is to compare the Yankees to the rest of the AL East and tell us how you think they will stack up. Or you could try to put a positive spin on the team’s perceived weaknesses. Have another idea that hasn’t been suggested? Go for it.

Before you start, you should check out our tips for writing a good FanPost. Remember that your post should have at least 250 words, and that your opinions should be backed up with facts and statistics. We aren’t looking for a post about how “Matt Holliday is good, so the Yankees will win the World Series.” If you want to say something like that then you have to tell us why you think he is good, why you think he makes the lineup into one that can thrive in the postseason, etc.

How will we select which FanPosts to promote? Some of it will be subjective. If you follow our tips linked above, you should find yourself on the right track. We will also be looking for FanPosts with comments and recommendations. Depending on the number of responses we get, receiving some recs on your post could separate your FanPost from the crowd. Additionally, if your post has a number of comments then it may have sparked some worthwhile discussions. These are just a few things we’ll be looking for.

Make sure you head over to the FanPost section of the website to submit your answers before Friday (January 20th).