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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 1/14/17

Yankees avoid arbitration with Gregorius, Pineda, and others; Yankees do not avoid arbitration with Dellin Betances; a look at Justus Sheffield

ASB Classic - Day 11
I have no words. I love Didi so much
Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images

Around the Empire

Newsday | Laura Albanese: The Yankees did something yesterday. That is the most exciting news of the day. To be more precise, the Yankees avoided arbitration with the majority of their players. Didi Gregorius, Michael Pineda, Adam Warren, Austin Romine, and others have settled with the Yankees before the deadline. Only one remains a mystery. | Bryan Hoch: As mentioned above, only one Yankee player has not settled. Dellin Betances is that one player. The two sides have not been able to quite come together to solve the issue. Betances filed for $5 million dollars while the Yankees countered with $3 million dollars. If the Yankees and Betances cannot figure this out soon, this could move to a full-on arbitration hearing.

New York Daily News | Christian Red: Brian Cashman did a magnificent job on filling the farm system with young talent this year. One such young and talented player is Justus Sheffield. This article takes a look at the baby bomber, from his experience in our system to him looking up to David Price. Here’s hoping he was looking up to him before Prince donned the uniform of shame up in Boston. In any case, this was a good look into Justus Sheffield. What a great name.