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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 1/10/17

Brian Cashman states that the Yankees are 99.9% done adding to the roster; Gardner and Ellsbury may not be batting together at the top of the lineup in 2017; Tyler Austin is ready to compete for the 1st base position; Mel Stottlemyre is getting better

MLB: New York Yankees at New York Mets
More players? No no, I’m done. Drink it in!!
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Around the Empire

MLB Trade Rumors | Jeff Todd: Brian Cashman was a guest on the Yankees Hot Stove show last night. He stated that the Yankees were most likely done adding any other significant roster additions. By “most likely” he means “99.9% done.” It doesn’t look like the Yankees are getting Jose Quintana. According to Cashman, the asking price for Quintana was at least three elite prospects, which was way too high for him. As of right now, the 2017 Yankees are set. Let’s do this!

New York Daily News | Mike Mazzeo: Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner, AKA Ellsgard/Gardsbury, have been the Yankees’ number one and two hitters since Ellsbury was signed. During yesterday’s Hot Stove, Cashman mentioned (Cashmentioned?) that the Yankees might break the two of them up at the top of the lineup. Of course, that decision will most likely depend on what Joe Girardi and the coaching staff decide on. | Brendan Kuty: As of right now, the first base job seems like Greg Bird’s job to lose. The person he might potentially lose it to is Tyler Austin. While all eyes are on Bird, Austin is looking to draw some of the attention to him. He is working hard this offseason on improving both his offensive and defensive game. Best of luck to you, Tyler. | Brendan Kuty: Some good news to close out the link dump this morning. Mel Stottlemyre had a bit of a health scare last month, but it appears he’s resting at home and getting closer to normal every day. It’s good to hear that Mel is on the mend. All our best wishes.