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Yankees asked for Joe Panik in trade talks this summer

When trading their relievers at the trade deadline, the Yankees asked San Francisco for their second baseman.

St Louis Cardinals v San Francisco Giants Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images

The San Francisco Giants were interested in trading for Aroldis Chapman or Andrew Miller over the summer, but were unhappy with the Yankees’ asking price of second baseman Joe Panik. That request led the Yankees to shipping their two relievers elsewhere, and the Giants ultimately ended up a bit empty-handed on the reliever front.

What may be the most interesting part of the Yankees asking for Panik is what it signifies about their faith in Starlin Castro. It is no great mystery that Castro hasn’t been the best player, but he is a young piece who has been a very solid contributor at times. Could the Yankees already be looking to move on from him?

It’s possible that the Yankees’ request for Panik didn’t have as much to do with Castro as it does with Chase Headley. The Yankees’ third baseman hasn’t exactly lived up to the contract the team was pretty much forced to sign him to without any other third base options. The Yankees could, potentially, move Castro to third base and free up second for another player. That is, if this is about acquiring a player they liked in Panik and not getting rid of a player they may not see a future with.

Regardless of why, it seems like the Yankees may not be confident that Castro is their second baseman of the future. They were able to get him for basically nothing after the Cubs signed Ben Zobrist, so casting him aside in favor of a player they feel more sure about wouldn’t be the end of the world. It certainly isn’t as if Castro has solidified his place on the team long-term.

What do you think the Yankees’ intentions were in attempting to trade for Panik this season? Do you think Castro’s spot on the team going forward is in jeopardy?