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Yankees 5, Red Sox 7: Heartbroken

The Yankees had a lead going into the bottom of the ninth. They didn’t when the game was over.

MLB: New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

I could tell you about the absolute gem Masahiro Tanaka pitched against such a strong offense like the Red Sox.

I could tell you about the four hits Starlin Castro picked up, and the two runs he drove in.

I could tell you that Billy Butler drove in two runs in his Yankees debut.

None of it mattered. Absolutely none of it.

All you need to know is that the Yankees led 5-1 after seven and a half innings. Everything crashed, burned, and died after that. This one hurts. This one feels like the reason the Yankees will be on the outside of the playoff picture looking in when it is all said and done.

All that matters is that Adam Warren gave up one run, and then Blake Parker gave up one run, and then Dellin Betances was wild. The Yankees’ closer got one out, but allowed four runs.

The crushing blow came off the bat of Hanley Ramirez who launched a long home run over Jacoby Ellbury’s head. You can complain about strikes that were called balls and swings that weren’t called swings. Betances just didn’t have it tonight.

It’s hard to look at tonight’s loss and feel anything but disappointment. The Yankees were leading on the road with the Baltimore Orioles having already lost to the Rays. It was their time to pick up valuable ground in the playoff race.

That didn’t happen. The opposite of that happened.

This was a great game that we should have come away from talking about Masahiro Tanaka deserving Cy Young votes. Instead, we’re talking about everything that doesn’t matter because of what happened in that ninth inning.

The Yankees will play again tomorrow, but it is hard to care about that right now. They let this one slip away, and this is one they needed.