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Yankee fans need to be patient with Tyler Austin, Aaron Judge, and Luis Severino

Tyler Austin and Aaron Judge are slightly coming back down to Earth. Luis Severino really never left. Just remember to be patient with them, regardless of how well Gary Sanchez is doing.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees
Judging you all on your patience right now
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

I’d like to tell you a tale of a heroic Pinstripe Alley writer who decided to brave the sweltering, brutal heat and humidity to see the 20th anniversary celebration of the 1996 World Series champions at Yankee Stadium. Twenty years ago, that writer saw a crop of rookies help an already good team become champions. It was a lot of fun. Watching rookies is fun. Winning the World Series is fun.

Unbeknownst to him, but “knownst” to fellow scribe Andrew Mearns, Aaron Judge (the writer’s favorite prospect) had also been called up that same day with Tyler Austin. Judge once nodded at the writer after hitting a monster home run in Double-A Trenton. There are witnesses. We were all witnesses to history as Austin and Judge went back-to-back and a-belly-to-belly for their major league debuts. Watching rookies is fun. Watching rookies make history is fun.

Last year, this brave writer also watched Luis Severino make his major-league debut against the Boston Red Sox. It was an impressive showing for the rookie pitcher, even though the Yankees did not win that game. Severino showed so much promise in 2015 that he could have potentially been the starter of the Wild Card game against the Astros. By now, you should understand that this writer thinks that watching rookies is fun and that this writer is me.

Watching those particular rookies has not been as much fun as of late. Judge is having a little problem with the off-speed pitches. Austin had two hits in his debut game and has only had one hit since then. Severino is currently in Triple-A Scranton attempting to work on his changeup.

These are somewhat normal growing pains for any young player. No one expects them to come up and suddenly make the Yankees into World Series champions. Well, except for all the fans who actually do expect that exact thing to happen. Make no mistake, they are out there. They will soon be calling for Austin to be demoted if his slump continues. They probably have already.

It’s been awhile since Yankee fans had to watch a player actually grow. Yankee fans aren’t patient when it comes to growing pains. What’s not helping is the abnormality of “the Kraken,” Gary Sanchez. He is denying runners stolen bases with his arm cannon. He has hit a home run in every major-league ballpark he’s seen thus far. Last week, the young catcher won the AL Player of the Week Award. Watching Gary Sanchez is fun.

Sanchez is the expectation for a lot of Yankee fans—a young prospect who comes up and is instantly good. That’s how it’s supposed to be. That’s how it was back in the good ol’ days of 1996. It’s late in the year though. These prospects weren’t here at the beginning of the year, unlike 1996. The Yankees’ 2016 is much like their 1995, which means 2017 will be their 1996. That’s the formula. Do the math. (Don’t do the math)

Even if you buy that the dynasty formula works, and you probably shouldn’t, patience is still very much required with everyone involved. One bad year is no reason to give up on Luis Severino as a starter. Aaron Judge adjusted to off-speed pitching on the RailRiders. Tyler Austin only has 23 plate appearances in six games. Sanchez may eventually cool off. Eventually. (Please never ever cool off, Kraken.)

Just remember that this is a transition year, regardless of the fact that they’re trying to make the playoffs. Fun fact: they can do both. No matter the outcome of this year, Yankee fans need patience. Regardless of whether or not the Yankees make the playoffs next year, Yankee fans need patience. Even if Joe Girardi brings in Anthony Swarzak into a close game, Yankee fans...okay, there’s room for a little impatience here.

Our patience with Didi Gregorius has been well rewarded. Starlin Castro and, dare I say it, Aaron Hicks have both begun to swing the bat better. Patience, please.