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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 8/24/16

Swarzak to the DL, Heller called up; Yanks trying to balance the offense; Sanchez’s journey to the Bronx; Severino doesn’t think he should be in Scranton; Yanks offer to pay for Gooden’s rehab; Catching up with the Core Four; Tebow holding workout for MLB teams

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees
Swarzak: I feel fine. Yankees: No you don’t. You are hurt.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Around the Empire | Ryan Hatch: Anthony Swarzak was placed on the 15-day disabled list with a case of bad right rotator cuff inflammation. Ben Heller, acquired in the Andrew Miller trade, was recalled. Heller was promoted earlier in August but did not get into a game, though he has been especially good at Triple-A this year. Let’s hope he gets a chance to showcase his skills.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: Long known for trying to build their roster with left-handed power, the Yankees now are showing a big shift in thinking. In today’s baseball of shifts, constructing a lineup of lefty pull hitters isn’t the secret to success it was before. Having Gary Sanchez and Aaron Judge up as legitimate right-handed power threats shows the Yankees are beginning to evolve with the game and trying to create a more balanced offense.

Sports Illustrated | Jay Jaffe: When the Yankees first signed Gary Sanchez as a teenager in 2009, his fate was unclear. Gary the “Unicorn” who was so magically wonderful that one couldn’t believe he existed, had the capability to contribute both offensively and defensively yet seemed unlikely to ever make it to the Bronx. The thought was that he’d either have to go through a position change or be traded elsewhere as part of a blockbuster. Now, however, he’s the starting catcher for the New York Yankees and a bright part of their future. Definitely worth a read. | Brendan Kuty: Luis Severino was terrible this year. Everyone knows this. It’s not really easy to hide. This is why the Yankees sent him down to Triple-A, so he could work on his stuff, specifically his changeup. Severino, though, doesn’t understand why he was sent down and believes he could work out his issues at the major league level just as well as he could down in Scranton.

New York Daily News | John Harper, Joseph Stepansky, Stephen Rex Brown: Earlier this week, Darryl Strawberry expressed concern that Dwight Gooden was suffering from cocaine addiction. After reading Strawberry’s comments, the Yankees reached out to him and asked how they could help, and then offered to pay for Gooden’s rehab. What a nice gesture by the team. Gooden, however, insists he’s “fine” and that the worries are “unreal”.

Players’ Tribune | Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, and Jorge Posada: Catching up with the Core Four. The four longtime teammates recently got together at 1996 celebration weekend and took some time to talk about that season and what it was like coming up as youngsters. I get that the “Core Four” brand is a thing, but it’s pretty ridiculous that they have Posada, who played a grand total of eight games (and only had one hit) that year, and not Bernie Williams.

New York Post | Anthony McCarron & Mark Feinsand: Tim Tebow is officially holding a workout for all 30 MLB teams next week on the 30th. As of right now there are 20 teams confirmed to attend, and it seems likely that the Yankees would be among them. I imagine the Yankees won’t have to pay anything to attend this, but if they did they should try and get their quarter back... oh wait that’s not possible at a Tebow workout. PSA’s own Matt Ferenchick had this scouting report on Tebow: “more like tim teb-out, because he would get out a lot.”

Fun Questions

  • Growing up did you have a cool nickname? If yes, what was it and do people still call you that? If no, did you want one?
  • Predict the contract Ivan Nova will get as a free agent this summer and with what team.

Song of the Day

Can You Feel the Love Tonight? by Elton John

It’s Disney Week on Pinstripe Alley. With the youngsters coming in and stealing all our hearts, it only made sense to have this as a song this week. There’s love all around for the exciting young players like Sanchez and Judge. The question is: can you feel the love tonight? As always, please link us your song of the day.