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Newest addition to the Pinstripe Alley store: Aaron Judge shirts

Aaron Judge is here. Everyone needs a t-shirt.

Aaron Judge has finally brought his big bat to the Bronx, and we were more than excited to celebrate his arrival. Much the way we did with our Pinstripe Alley Greg Bird shirts, I contacted the good folks at Gameday Depot to have them make our Judge shirt dreams a reality. They did just that.

As of today, you can order a Prepare to be Judge’d shirt in either navy or gray. Those shirts, as well as our other offerings, can be found by heading over to Gameday Depot. The direct link to the Judge shirt can be found by clicking here.

Here’s what the shirts look like:

Judge Gray
Judge Navy

I can’t fathom any reason why you and your entire family wouldn’t be in desperate need of rocking this shirt. Judge is off to a great start with the Yankees and this is a fabulous way to start your stash of the new-look Yankees gear.