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Yankees trade Ivan Nova to the Pirates

Brian Cashman traded Ivan Nova to the Pirates for PTBNL. Yes, THAT Ivan Nova.

New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

You are not reading that headline wrong. In a day of very surprising and potentially exciting trades for the Yankees, this might be the most surprising and exciting one. Brian Cashman actually got a team to trade for Ivan Nova. Yes, the very same Ivan “maybe he’ll have a bounce-back year” Nova that we’ve had to watch all season. To say that Cashman has had himself a day would be a gross, gross understatement.

The details are still coming in but according to Jonathan Mayo, it looks like the Yankees are getting players to be named later. Players. Plural. As in, more than one walking, talking, breathing human being.

This trade was a no-brainer for the Yankees. With Nova’s contract expiring and with Chad Green and Luis Severino knocking on the door, getting anything for him could be a blessing. As Andrew Mearns reminded me in the Pinstripe Alley trade deadline bunker, Scott Brosius was once a PTBNL, or Pit Banal.

Nova’s season has been very lackluster. In fifteen starts, Nova has given up nineteen home runs and has pitched to a 4.90 ERA and 1.356 WHIP. Hopefully, Nova can find some measure of success in Pittsburgh for the limited time he might be there.

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