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Yankees trade Andrew Miller to Cleveland, acquire Tyler Clippard from Diamondbacks: Media reactions

What can the media helps us learn about the trades that saw Andrew Miller go to the Indians and Tyler Clippard return to the Bronx?

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Yesterday was supposed to be a nice, relaxing Sunday. I planned on waking up at a leisurely time, relaxing for most of the day, and was going to maybe watch a movie or catch up on some shows. Brian Cashman had other ideas. I, along with most other Yankee fans, woke up to find out Andrew Miller had been traded to the Cleveland Indians and the Yankees had unofficially declared themselves as "sellers" and things were very different in Yankeeland.

While it is upsetting to see a player with Miller's talent and character leave the Yankees, this was a trade the Yankees needed to make and they're better for it. Unfortunately, it still is upsetting as he was the ultimate team player. When the Yankees brought Aroldis Chapman in from the Reds, Miller graciously stepped aside and let Chapman be the closer with no hesitations. When Chapman left, Miller seamlessly slid back into the closer's role that he deserved.  Now that Miller's gone, just as I did with the Chapman trades, it makes sense to turn to the media and see if they can help us understand the trade better.

While it's pretty much evident that the Yankees are selling their pieces, they still aren't "giving up" on the season. Granted, as the manager, Joe Girardi especially can't come out and say they've given up as his job is still to go out there and try and win games. However, though the Yankees got rid of their best reliever in Miller, they did try and "make up" for the loss by bringing in a familiar face.

Funnily enough, when the Miller trade first happened, I imagined Dellin Betances would be excited just because he'd slide in as the closer and start racking up those saves. And relievers who earn saves tend to make a lot more money than those who don't. Then the Yankees made this Clipper move, which made me believe they really don't want to pay Betances. Fortunately, the Yankees seemingly won't be cheap in that respect.

At least Betances, who has fairly earned the opportunity to close, will finally get his chance. Hopefully the Yankees will give him an entrance video as cool as the one they had for Miller. Still though, even though the Yankees had a plethora of closers and should still be fine for the ninth inning, they're sure to miss Miller's reliability.

That's out of ~266 games the team has played since last year, includes time that he spent on the disabled list last year, and the fact that he pitched with a broken wrist in his non-pitching arm this year. What a champ.

It is just really upsetting that Miller, who really wanted to be a Yankee and even took a pay cut to sign with them as a free agent, came to the team at a poor time. Unfortunately the Yankees are unlikely to be good during the time Miller was under contract, so his greatest value to the team was to be traded and bring in a haul for the future.

Miller is sure to be missed, but wow that is an exciting list of players in the Yankees organization. After hearing for years how the farm is depleted, it's crazy to see how Cashman quickly built the system up. #FireCashman though, of course.

If it can produce even half of what the late 90's Yankees did, I'd be a very satisfied customer. Still, if Cashman seems set on building his "uber-team" the moves can't end with Chapman and Miller.

I'm really curious to see what else Cashman has up his sleeve. I see Carlos Beltran, Ivan Nova, Michael Pineda, Brett Gardner, and Nathan Eovaldi as potential targets to go before today's 4pm trade deadline.

The Cubs are World Series favorites and the Yankees are selling. 2016 is something of a year. At least the overall consensus is that the Yankees did very well for themselves with these trades so far. Here's hoping things pan out with the players who are seemingly excited to join their new team!

Welcome to New York, Frazier! It seems Ben "Benny with the good hair" Gamel might have some competition for "best hair in the system."

#FLOW. Unfortunately, though, the Yankees do have strict grooming rules and policies.

Maybe Gamel's spot is safe for now.

In case you haven't heard, I've dubbed him "Fire Island"

Looks like all the affiliates are getting their own shiny new toy. The prospects in the Miller trade aren't the only players excited to be joining the Yankees organization.

It's a homecoming for Clippard, welcome back! Unfortunately, it's not all fun and excitement though.

Don't worry, Dellin. We're all trying to get over this as well. At least Miller, as always, looks to have handled this with grace and dignity.

Though it's not really surprising. Instead of sounding bitter about being traded from the team he wanted to be with, he just took a second out to thank everyone for his experience here. Class act.

We'll miss you, Miller. One last time:

/pours one out.