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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 7/24/16

Yankees reportedly ready to deal Aroldis Chapman; Nova wants to stay on the Yankees; Mark Teixeira says he’s lucky to be in the lineup at this point; A-Rod sees no playing time in yesterday’s game; the trade deadline could affect the Railriders push for a division title

MLB: New York Yankees at Cleveland Indians
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Around the Empire

New York Daily News | Justin Tasch: The biggest news from yesterday is that the Yankees are reportedly ready to trade Aroldis Chapman and they are letting potential suitors know it. There were rumors that a deal was imminent last night, but as of 3AM this morning no deal has been made. The Yankees are also letting teams know that Andrew Miller is not available. As Tanya perfectly put it last night, these things happen quickly, so you’ll want to stay tuned.

Newsday | Brian Heyman: Ivan Nova pitched pretty well yesterday. The offense didn’t score many runs for him, but that’s to be expected this year. Nova told reporters that he would like to stay with the Yankees, as it’s the only team he’s ever played for. He’s also aware what time of year it is and that baseball is still a business. If the Yankees are indeed sellers this trade season, Nova could be on the move. We’ll see.

New York Post | Zach Braziller: Mark Teixeira has had so dreadful a season that “dreadful” might still be underselling it. Plagued with injuries and a swing that makes you cringe, the only redeemable aspect of his game has been his usually stellar defense. Yesterday, Joe Girardi batted him seventh in the lineup, which is the lowest he’s been in the lineup since May of 2012. Teixeira is well aware of his performance, saying that he’s “lucky to be in the lineup right now.” He’s not wrong.

New York Post | Dan Martin: One person who didn’t see any time in the lineup yesterday was Alex Rodriguez. The slumping A-Rod was not even brought in to pinch-hit for the slumping Aaron Hicks in the 10th inning. Joe Girardi never even considered it. This is slowly becoming the reality for both A-Rod and the Yankees. What happens next is still up in the air.

The Times-Tribune | Shane Hennigan: The trade deadline always raised a lot of questions regarding the Yankees season. It also raises a lot of questions for the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders season as well. The Yankees’ Triple-A team, currently the best team in Triple-A, still has six weeks left in their season and what the Yankees do could very well affect the team’s push for a division title. Like with the major league players, it’s all out of the Railriders’ hands at this point.

Fun Questions

  • If you could only listen to music from two states for the rest of your life, which two states would you pick? (I “borrowed” this question from Twitter)
  • Name a Yankees’ prospect you most want to see on the team next year?

Song of the Day

Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) by Backstreet Boys

It’s Backstreet is Back Week on Pinstripe Alley. Shah and I felt that with the trade deadline fast approaching, we wanted/needed a week devoted to the Backstreet Boys. This totally makes sense and you shouldn’t questions it. Just rock your body right. Backstreet’s back, alright? As always, please link us your song of the day.