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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 7/22/16

Headley’s absence due to son’s surgery complications; Yankees have discussed cutting A-Rod and Tex; Where A-Rod could land if cut; Judge working his way back from injury; Girardi’s response to Manfred wanting to restrict relief pitcher usage

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Around the Empire | Randy Miller: After missing the last two games due to personal reasons, Chase Headley rejoined the team and explained why he had been absent. Over the All-Star break, Headley’s oldest son, Colt, had surgery and was dealing with some complications from that, which is why he was excused from the team. He’s supposedly doing better now, enough to allow Headley to rejoin the team at least, so that’s good news. Let’s hope he gets well soon!

Today’s Knuckleball | Jon Heyman: With both Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez struggling this season and the team on the verge of a fire sale, some within the organization have had discussions regarding releasing the duo. While there isn’t any substantial evidence that the team would release their veterans and we’re not sure who exactly had these discussions, it’s interesting to see a rumor like this pop up. In case you missed it, Tanya covered this rumor yesterday as well.

CBS Sports | Matt Snyder: Going through all 29 other MLB teams and seeing if there is a fit anywhere if the Yankees were to actually cut ties with A-Rod. While there aren’t many teams that could use a struggling DH who can’t field, teams like the Marlins (mainly for the marketing purposes), White Sox, or the Rays could possibly take a flyer on him as well as the Angels or the Rangers. | Brendan Kuty: Aaron Judge has been on the disabled list with a knee injury since July 9th. The night before, the outfield prospect hurt himself diving for a ball near the warning track. Fortunately, it seems Judge is on the road to recovery as he took swings in a batting cage yesterday. Next up would be hitting on the field, working in right field, and running, which should happen soon barring any setback.

Fox Sports | Brett Smiley: MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has made it no secret that he’s been looking into ways to shorten the game. Yesterday, he mentioned that restricting how relief pitchers are used is something that is under consideration, as pitching changes tend to slow down games. Joe Girardi, who has managed to keep this team somewhat afloat mainly on the strength of his bullpen, understandably did not like the idea of restricting how relief pitchers are used. “You wanna shorten the game, make it seven innings.”

Fun Questions

  • Should MLB look at ways to restrict relief pitcher usage? If yes, how so?
  • Should Yankees consider cutting ties with A-Rod and/or Tex?

Song of the Day

Home Sweet Home by Mötley Crüe

It’s 80’s Rock Ballad Week on Pinstripe Alley. This song starts with the line “you know I’m a dreamer” which pretty much sums up the Yankees front office if they truly believe they are contenders. As always, please link us your song of the day.