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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 7/21/16

Michael Pineda’s season is a perfect representation of the Yankees season; Starlin Castro credits Carlos Beltran for his recently improved offense; teams where Chapman or Miller could wind up; Joe Girardi is trying to keep the Yankees in it; A-Rod donates $750,000 to build a youth baseball and softball academy in the Bronx

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees
Damn he looks pissed!
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Around the Empire

New York Daily News | Anthony McCarron: Michael Pineda pitched well last night and the Yankees won their fourth straight game. In many ways, Pineda is a perfect representation of the 2016 Yankees. Some days, he’s maddeningly awful. Other days, like last night, he can be quite substantial. The trade deadline is approaching and it’s still hard to grasp exactly what the Yankees are going to do. Losing two out of three to the Red Sox, then taking at least three games from the Orioles does not help matters.

LoHud | Chad Jennings: In case you haven’t noticed, Starlin Castro has been swinging the bat a lot better lately. Over the past twelve games, he’s hitting .354/.380/.542. Castro credits his improvements to currently hot and potential trade chip Carlos Beltran, who has been working with Castro in the batting cage after noticing an issue with his mechanics. Between his incredible hitting and his coaching, Beltran is just doing it all right now.

New York Daily News | John Harper: Unless the Yankees really do decide that this winning streak is a reason to buy, which would undoubtedly Ruffles some feathers among the fans, they should be looking to move their best trade chips. Those chips clearly Lays in the bullpen with Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller. Here are some teams that might currently match up well. Hopefully the Sun shines on the Yankees this trade season.

New York Post | Kevin Kernan: Joe Girardi is trying everything in his power to keep the Yankees in the hunt. This is otherwise known as “doing his job.” Whether or not that’s a good thing right now is up for debate. Girardi has made certain changes to the lineup, like switching Gardner and Ellsbury and moving Didi Gregorius higher. Also, his decision to move Eovaldi to the bullpen before the All-Star break could have sent a message. Whether this leads to consistency is anyone’s guess.

New York Daily News | Christian Red: Yesterday, Alex Rodriguez was in the Roberto Clemente State Park with Rob Manfred, Roberto Clemente Jr., Omar Minaya, and others to announce plans to build a youth baseball and softball academy at the site. A-Rod is donating $750,000 to the project. At the event, A-Rod made it known that he thinks Roberto Clemente’s No. 21 should be retired all across baseball. It’s something for Manfred to consider.

Fun Questions

  • Should the Yankees consider hiring Carlos Beltran as a hitting coach or manager after he retires?
  • Favorite part of a chicken to eat? (Breast, Thighs, Wings, Leg)

Song of the Day

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