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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 7/17/16

Joe Girardi says tonight's game is a must-win; the Yankees starting pitching has been inconsistent all year long; Mark Teixeira has had an injury plagued year; Nathan Eovaldi would like to stay on the Yankees; Xander Bogaerts grew up idolizing Derek Jeter

Yeah, essentially this
Yeah, essentially this
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Around the Empire

New York Daily News | Justin Tasch: The Yankees have started off the second half of the season with a whimper instead of a bang. Time and time again, the question of buying or selling has been brought up and the usual answer was to wait and see. Well, the waiting game sucks and it is pretty much over. After yesterday’s loss to the Red Sox, Joe Girardi referred to tonight’s game a must-win. If the mustiest-win of the season is on July 17th, that pretty much sums up what the Yankees must do.

Newsday | Mark Herrmann: If you need any sign as to why the Yankees should sell, look no further than the pitching staff. Even in somewhat meh years like 2013 and 2014, the Yankees pitching kept them in contention down to the end. That is not the case this year though. Far from it, actually. The Yankees starting pitching, except maybe Masahiro Tanaka, have been very inconsistent for most of the year. CC Sabathia was consistent for the majority of the first half, but even the power of the magic knee brace seems to be fading.

New York Post | Dan Martin: In order to compete, the Yankees needed Mark Teixeira to have as good of a year as he did in 2015 before his freak injury. Sadly, injuries have been the story of Teixeira’s final year in pinstripes. The Yankees first baseman was taken for X-rays after he fouled a ball off his foot. They came back negative, which is good. He’s still not hitting, which is bad. But his X-rays came with a free frogurt. Of course, the frogurt is also cursed.

New York Daily News | Justin Tasch: It was reported yesterday that the Pittsburgh Pirates were interested in Nathan Eovaldi. Eovaldi had a chance to respond to that rumor yesterday, saying that he would prefer to stay on the Yankees. I’m sure we can look for his full interview with Yankees beat writer Bathan Geovaldi to surface soon.

Newsday | Owen O’Brien: Xander Bogaerts has had a fantastic year with the rival Red Sox this season. His idol? Yankee legend and Player’s Tribune founder Derek Jeter. Bogaerts grew up idolizing Jeter when he was young ( cool. SO COOL) and even wears #2 due to him. Perhaps Bogaerts will continue doing things Jeter’s way and form his own blog when he retires in the future. If we still have blogs by then.

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