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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 7/16/16

A-Rod is taking grounders at first... again; the Blue Jays might be interested in Beltran; Beltran reached out to Jorge Mateo and offered him some friendly advice; Nathan Eovaldi will start on Tuesday; Yulieski Gourriel was signed by the Astros

Oh yeah, we still have to play the second half of this year.
Oh yeah, we still have to play the second half of this year.
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Around the Empire

Wall St. Journal | Jared Diamond: Before the break, Alex Rodriguez was taking grounders at first base due to Carlos Beltran having to DH more. Even with Beltran back in the field, A-Rod continued taking grounders at first base yesterday in order to give Joe Girardi more flexibility. Brian Cashman said in February that if A-Rod had to play the field, the Yankees would most likely be in trouble. I think it’s fair to say that Cashman’s assessment of the situation was accurate.

ESPN | Alex Tekip: Speaking of the All-Star, Carlos Beltran could be one of the Yankees better trade chips if they decide to sell. That’s still a big "if," even though it shouldn’t be. One of the Yankees’ division rivals, the Toronto Blue Jays, could be interested in acquiring the veteran right fielder. It’s unclear if Beltran would approve a trade to Toronto or what the Yankees could get back for them. Either way, sell sell sell.

New York Post | Dan Martin: Speaking a bit more about the All-Star, Carlos Beltran reached out to young Yankee prospect Jorge Mateo after finding out about his suspension. Beltran got to know Mateo in Spring Training and he has high hopes about his future. He also let Mateo know that he could reach out to him whenever he needed to. It’s becoming clearer and clearer that Beltran is going to make a great coach or manager one day.

Newsday | Erik Boland: Nathan Eovaldi was moved to the pen (TO TEH PEN) before the All-Star Break. According to Joe Girardi, who knows about this kind of stuff, Eovaldi is coming out of the pen and he will make his next start on Tuesday against the Orioles. He has looked decent in a relief role, but the Yankees have always viewed him as a starter. When he’s on, he’s really good. With this year nearly ready to be a wash, letting him continue to start is probably the right choice to see if he can turn it around. Or they could always try and sell him.

New York Post | Dan Graf: For those fans who were hoping that the Yankees would sign Yulieski Gourriel, this news will disappoint you. Gourriel has signed a five year, $47.5 million dollar deal with the Houston Astros. While the 32-year old Cuban free agent drew interest from both the Yankees and the Mets, neither NY team were willing to sign him to a long term deal.

Fun Questions

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