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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 7/15/16

Front office torn on buying and selling; Mets beat Yanks in TV ratings; Hitting woes start at first base; Four hitters set to regress; Hicks' season summed up in one stat.

See if you stayed we could have better ratings together
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Around the Empire

ESPN | Wallace Matthews: The Yankees front office is reportedly torn between whether to buy or sell. Brian Cashman, the baseball guy, is on Team Sell and believes they should deal assets to prepare for the future. Randy Levine and Hal Steinbrenner, the non-baseball guys, are on Team Buy because that’s better for business. Surprise.

Newsday | Neil Best: In what really shouldn’t come as a surprise, for the first time ever, the Mets have better TV ratings on SNY than the Yankees do on YES at the All-Star break. It’s between a team that’s just coming off a World Series appearance and a team where only two people on the planet (see above) believe they could contend, so it makes sense the Yankees’ ratings are down while the Mets’ are up.

Wall Street Journal | Michael Salfino: One reason for the Yankees being stuck between buying and selling is the team’s inconsistent offense. The hitting woes for the team start no further than first base, where Mark Teixeira is hitting just .188 on the season.

FanGraphs | Andrew Perpetua: Much has been made about the team’s offense and who stands to improve, however the Yankees actually have four guys that could possibly regress. Unfortunately for them, it’s the team’s four best hitters in Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury, Didi Gregorius, and of course Carlos Beltran. Maybe if they regress ownership can finally accept the team for what it is. | Ryan Hatch: Aaron Hicks has been quite underwhelming (to put it lightly) this season. As a part-time player Hicks has gathered only 204 plate appearances, but he has failed to make the most of his chances. He ranks second-to-last in runs created per 27 innings, which pretty much sums up his awful season. While not the most defining stat, creating runs is pretty important for an offense and failure to do so can’t be taken lightly.

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