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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 7/14/16

Yankees need a strong home stand if they don't want to sell; Carlos Beltran should be healthy enough to play RF again; the Yankees might regret not spending on Yoan Moncada; Richard Bleier is happy to be in the majors; David Ortiz helped Dellin Betances two years ago

Just because we're friends doesn't mean I won't strike you out
Just because we're friends doesn't mean I won't strike you out
Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Around the Empire

Newsday | Erik Boland: The Yankees come back from the All-Star break this Friday. The schedule they are coming back to is less than ideal for the struggling team. Three games against the Red Sox, four games against the Orioles, and three games against the Giants. These are good teams. If the Yankees hope not to be sellers, they need to start the second half all off with a bang. They should probably sell anyway though.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: Carlos Beltran is back from San Diego, fresh from playing right field for the victorious American League All-Star team. It appears that Beltran is healthy enough to play the field again. Having him back in right field should mean more playing time for Alex Rodriguez. Hopefully Beltran can continue the offense that got him to the All-Star game in the first place.

New York Daily News | John Harper: In case you missed the Futures game, you should know that Yoan Moncada had himself quite an amazing game. The young Red Sox prospect has been showing why the Yankees probably should have ponied up a bit more money to grab him, since money is all he would have cost. The Yankees went in with a somewhat set price and we’ll see what happens. Still, it would have been nice.

LoHud | Chad Jennings: The Scranton Shuttle has been active during the first half of the season. One Yankee reliever who has managed to not be a passenger on it has been Richard Bleier. Having been a minor league player for most of his career, Bleier is very happy to just be in the majors and he wants to make the most of this opportunity. My advice is to not be like Mitre. Never be Mitre.

New York Daily News | Mark Feinsand: As we all know, Yankees archenemy David Ortiz is retiring this year. What we might not have known is that Ortiz and our very own Dellin Betances are friends. Apparently, Ortiz noticing something with Betances two years ago, asked for his phone number, and gave him a few helpful tips on how to improve. Since then, the two All-Stars have been friends ever since. While it’ll be great to see Ortiz hang it up, this kind of off-the-field stuff between players is always nice to see. Even at the end of our rivalry with the Red Sox, it’s still just a game.

Fun Questions

  • When it’s really hot and humid out, what do you like to do?
  • Do you prefer cups/mugs/glasses with or without handles?

Song of the Day

Love and Happiness by Al Green

It’s Love Week on Pinstripe Alley. Today’s selection comes from Mr. Al Green, one of my favorite songs. The riff around the 30 second mark is just perfection. Plus, a lot of people could use some love and happiness! As always, please link us your song of the day.